Racist Abuse From Arsenal Fans

From minute 1 to minute 95 of today’s Arsenal v Spurs match I was subjected to racist and homophobic abuse from Arsenal fans. Why is this brushed under the carpet? Stuff about the gas chambers and being a “yid faggot”. It goes on all the time and is seen as just banter, but it is not acceptable. It’s abuse and is very unpleasant for the people it’s directed at.

Racism. Homophobia. Hate.

Repeated experiences like this from Arsenal fans in a range of different venues across the globe have led me to link those words to that football club. Unless you’ve experienced it I doubt you will understand. This is why you won’t see me posing for a photograph outside the Emirates when my running crew run there. It’s like when Chelsea asked Souleymane Sylla, the French man who was abused by their fans, to go to Stamford Bridge for a match. Hell no.

What sort of a disconnect is going on in people when they think it’s OK to abuse strangers in this way?

And why can’t we just sit down and watch a football match without resorting to personal, abusive comments?

Very sad.

The Chelsea Macbeth

I’m teaching Macbeth to Year 9 this term. We were exploring the Captain’s speech, which describes the brute power of Macbeth, and I suggested that Macbeth is like Chelsea’s Diego Costa, who had been instrumental in Chelsea’s victory over Arsenal last weekend. A number of the boys got it completely with that analogy, so I started exploring it further. This is just a bit of fun, and I don’t want anyone to take it seriously in any way, but here’s the Chelsea Macbeth…

Jose Mourinho is King Duncan, presiding over the Champions of England.

Jose-Mourinho--chelsea Read More



When is a season at Spurs not transitional? At least this year ‘s transition seems more logical and planned than most. Over the past decade, Spurs’ transitions have tended to follow the sale of our best player(s) and failure to qualify for the Champions League. This season, transition has centred on the pruning of some bad apples from the squad, and the blossoming of youthful prospects.  Read More

A Good Break


They say a change is as good as a rest, and boy, does it make a change to see four Spurs players on the pitch for England. When did this last happen?

Well done Harry Kane, who stepped up to the international stage and got on with business as usual, scoring a looping header reminiscent of his winner against Arsenal after just 80 seconds. The only blot on his copy-book was seeing him pass the ball to Theo Walcott, although this was tempered by the fact the Arsenal Head Boy has not had a good match for club or country since his 2-0 gesture to Spurs fans at the Emirates in January 2014. Andros Townsend scored a belter from a Mason assist, and even Walker managed a clean sheet during his 45 minutes.  Read More

Dreaming of Wembley


What a difference a week makes. From trying to see the glass half full to our cup runneth over. We’re in a cup final, and while today’s performance at West Brom wasn’t perfect, a 3-0 win away over a side who beat us at home earlier in the season is an excellent result. Kane is the first home-grown Spurs player to score 20 goals in a season since Marco Falco, while Eriksen has scored 3 goals in 2 matches. Read More